Abco Tech Bluetooth Selfie Stick With Cell Phone Clamp Review

Lightweight and durable, the Abco Tech Bluetooth Self-portrait Monopod With Cell Phone Clamp has a unique phone clamping mechanism that uses a heavy duty clip that holds your phone securely.

Pros: Easy to use Pinch Clamp to hold your phone securely.

Cons: Not enough information on bluetooth compatibility with different phone OS and models available. Not all phone models work with this selfie stick.


Features and Specifications

  • Unique cellphone pinch clamp that opens up to 4.3 inches wide that’s easy to use
  • Built in photo taking remote on stick with Bluetooth technology
  • The stick extends to 39.5 inches long
  • Bluetooth Connection Tip: Go in to your bluetooth settings. Look for the device in the list. Press connect. And it’s connected


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