Disneyland has announced that it is banning selfie sticks from it’s park starting from July 2015.


Emily Pritchard from USA Today reaches out to the crowd to find our their reactions from this new Disneyland rule.


YouTube views at time of publishing article: 1,959. Video was originally published on 29 June 2015.


First she gives a short demo on how to use it, while recording this segment in the studio.

She gives an aerial shot and a slight swivel around the studio with ease. She shares that it allows her to give a 360 degree view of the studio.


Next we’re directed to the street, where she heads out to Sacramento, California to interview people. She get’s some tips on how to use the selfie from one guy: Taking an aerial and low-angle shot.



2 teenage girls who are clearly puzzled and upset about the ban goes “WHY?” when she interviews them.


Another teenage girl suggested that the ban should only have been implemented on rides, instead of the whole amusement park.

She doesn’t own a selfie stick yet, but she’s planning on getting one.

Next the reporter heads to “THE PINK SPOT”, where they sell Cell Phone Accessories to interview the store owner.


The owner, John shares that 1 out of 10 customer who visit his store, buys a selfie stick from him. (Which means even though Disneyland is banning the usage of the selfie pole, people are still buying and using them.)



He also shares that the first thing they enquire about is price.


With regards to the Disneyland ban, John agress with it. As he thinks that when people are using their selfie sticks and maybe on the rides, they might accidentally hurt other people unknowingly.


The reporter asks ” SO why do people love selfie sticks?”

We are switched back to the street view and one guy says that with the selfie sticks, you can do something different that you can’t do with your hand.


And another girl says that it’s easier to take a big group photo.


But there are still others who are not fans or eager to get a selfie stick despite the current hype and trend.

One guy she interviews suggests that it looks like a golf club.

She ends the interview with another revelation of a ban at the Coachella Music Festival and leaves an open question on how more bans may affect the popularity of Selfie Sticks.

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