Selfie Foundry Extension Pole Selfie Stick For GoPro iPhone and Cameras

The SELFIE FOUNDRY Selfie Stick is easy to use and can be used to mount your iPhone or GoPro Camera to take a selfie with ease.

Sturdy and lightweight.

Does not come with any bluetooth remote, thereby making it more of an extension pole for GoPro than a selfie stick for your iPhone.

What We Love:
The pole is well made and has tight locking screws for extension areas.

Features and Specifications

  • Use this as a GoPro pole, iPhone selfie stick or with a digital camera as a monopod selfie stick
  • 15″ folded to 36″ fully extended
  • Allows multiple directions, easy-to-operate controls and gets those tough angles – fully extends to 36″.
  • Can be used with iPhone 4, 5, 6 and 6s plus, most Android smart phones – anything up (3.2inches / 8cm) in width.
  • Attachment included to hold GoPro camcorder
  • Comfortable soft plush grip

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