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Joanna Stern, WSJ’s Personal Tech Columnist shares her findings with us on the top selfie sticks she’s been testing.


There’s a funning opening, as she shows how the stick has helped the human race through history by making fire, helping us as a walking stick and fending off predator animals like lions.

The Best Selfie Sticks Video Review By WSJ


She shares that she was initially skeptical about the idea of people walking around with their phone stuck onto a stick.

But she realizes that there’s some real advantage to owning a selfie pole.

1. You don’t have to ask a stranger to help you to take photo with your cellphone and risk losing your phone if he or she decides to run off with it.

2. You can capture better and wider angles of yourself.


3. And you can record a more stable video.


She states that if she’s going to join this trend, she should have the “best one”.

She goes on to declare: “Not all selfie sticks are created equal.”.

She has tested 14 selfie sticks and shares her findings.


She explains that fundamentally a selfie stick is just a pole with an attachment for your phone at one of the ends.


But some comes with inbuilt buttons at the bottom of the pole to control the camera on your phone.


She shares that many companies sell similar looking selfie sticks that are made from China.

She tested one that she bought from Amazon for 20 bucks called the LooqDG.


videos_132And another one she tested was the Vivitar Bluetooth Remote Selfie Monopod that costs 15 bucks.

Which comes with an external bluetooth remote, that she confesses to frequently misplacing.
But she likes how comfortable it is to use the remote though.

Next for the PicStick that costs 25 bucks, it has an inbuilt bluetooth button at the end of the stick.
But you have to remember to charge the stick and that it can get wet.

In summary, for the selfie sticks that cost under $30, she says they feel “cheap”.
“Especially the part that clasps to your phone.”

She explains what she means by breaking the pole of one over her knee.


For something more durable and waterproof, she recommends paying more for something substantial.
Such as the Digipower QuickPod Selfie Extreme that costs 60 bucks.

It’s also sometimes called the “Ultra” or “Xpert”.

She likes the comfortable grip compared to the rest. But says laments that there is no shutter function built in. So you’ll have to use your cell phone’s camera timer, or resort to buying an additional $5 bluetooth remote.


But she likes the fact it’s sturdy.

She bumps into Neil Young and he blurts out “Everybody should have one” when they take a picture together with the Digipower QuickPod Selfie Extreme.


She shares that the Selfie Stick trend is not just about family photos and beauty shots. And explains that it was part of a movement when GoPro took off for action shots.


She moves on to highly recommend the GoPro 3-way that costs $70.

She likes the fact that you can change angles, and even turn it into a tripod.


Next, she moves on to the PowerPole that costs $100. She goes as far as to say that it’s the “Tesla of selfie sticks”.

Cause it comes with a built-on battery that charges phones or GoPros. But can be kinda heavy in weight.

She says that it “You’re still gonna look pretty ridiculous with a phone on a stick.” but if you’re okay with that, like she is, she recommends the following selfie sticks, based on her research.

1. Looq DG – For budget buyers.

2. DigiPower Quickpod Extreme Monopod


And as a joke, she ends off the video with a shot of her tying her iPhone on a tree branch.


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