Find carrying a selfie stick a hassle in your bag? Why not combine your mobile phone case with a selfie stick?

Here comes the “STIKBOX”! An ingenious solution from inventor, Yekutiel Sherman, that saves space in your bag and gives you easy access to your selfie stick in seconds!

Made of 8 aluminium pieces, it can be puller out to a 28.3inch long selfie stick when fully extended.

STIKBOX is available for the iPhone 6/6s/7, iPhone 6 Plus/6s Plus and Samsung s6 / s6 Edge +
Each case is specifically designed and suited for the different weight of each model.

This is a shared video with the direct source linked from YouTube. YouTube views at time of publishing article: 24,104. Video was originally published on Jun 9, 2016 by Tech Insider (London).

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